Kiddie Coddles -The Goat with a Magic Red Coat - Children's Book


Children's story about the importance of family. The Goat with a Magic Red Coat

Sometimes wishes do come true—but that’s not always a good thing!

Scarlett and Jackson are excited to visit their grandparents’ farm. They’re even more excited when they get to explore the attic and discover a couple of things their grandfather was secretly hoping they’d find! But Scarlett is finding her little brother Jackson to be annoying, and it takes a goat in a magic red coat to teach Scarlett what her brother really means to her. Join Scarlett and Jackson on a magical adventure—where wishes really can come true when they are backed by love.

About the Author: John Vitucci lives in New York with his wife Christine, his five children, and eight grandchildren. Gianna Familette is John's oldest granddaughter and they share a passion for writing, drawing, and magical creatures. The two children in the book are Gianna's sister and brother who didn't make it into this world. This story and future stories will give them the life they never had.

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